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The Visa Course

The Visa Course is a 10 week course that introduces Christianity in simple English.

Engel scale rating

Aimed at people who are further along in their faith journey

A visa in your passport gives you access to another place. It allows you to go into a country, to look around, to observe the culture and the way people do things, to meet the people, to ask questions and to understand the language. It gives you an opportunity to find out for yourself about the place you are visiting. Likewise, the Visa Course is designed to help people begin to understand the Christian faith and the Bible. It is an opportunity for people to listen, discuss and ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere. Over the ten-week course, people look at what Christians believe and study some passages from the Bible. Who is it for? The Visa Course is for any student who wants to find out more about what Christians believe, and about the Bible. Importantly the course is written especially for those who first language is not English. It doesn’t matter what religion or nationality