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Discovering Jesus Through Asian Eyes

Through a series of discussions from the Bible, this course seeks to lead Asians into a clearer understanding of Jesus and the Gospel.

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Aimed at people who are further along in their faith journey

Many Asians of other faith backgrounds have questions, issues and sometimes misconceptions about the Christian faith.The Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes course seeks to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere to answer them. The eight week course addresses two key questions in each session giving Christians the opportunity to sensitively share from the Bible the message of God’s love in Jesus Christ.The course is based on the following topics:1) What is Christianity?2) How can we relate to God?3) How do I know that God loves me?4) Is there life after death?5) Who is Jesus?6) Is Jesus the only way to reach God?7) Is the Bible reliable?8) What would need to change if I follow Jesus?The leaders manual provides practical guidance on forming friendships with Asians, guidance on how to plan church-based outreach to Asians and details on how to run the course. This groundbreaking resource shows how it is possible to follow Jesus without abandoning one’s cultural heritage.