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Transforming Work

Discover a richer way of working

Transforming Work is a resource for Christians in the workplace — whether you’ve been working for one year or forty years — offering a distinctive blend of ingredients. It brings together a group of like-hearted people for eight sessions over a year, creating space between gatherings to reflect, to try things out, and to pray… and leaving time for seeds to grow, discoveries to be made, change to happen and for God to do what only he can do. Transforming Work recognises that growing in authentic Christian discipleship takes time, and is based across eight sessions which are spread over the course of a year. The sessions cover the following key questions: 
  • Why does work matter?
  • How can I do good work?
  • How can I flourish at work?
  • How can I influence the culture of my workplace?
  • How can I improve relationships at work?
  • How can I share my faith at work?
  • How can I tackle workplace issues with Biblical principles?
  • How can I remain fruitful over the long-term?