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Village Hope

Encouraging evangelism in rural Britain.

Village Hope’s aim is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage evangelism in the villages and rural communities of BritainThe support they can offer will vary from village to village, as each situation and need is different. As the work develops and grows, they aim to be available to give help and advice to village churches, or small groups of people, who are seeking to share the gospel in their community. Here are a few ways they can help:

  • Help churches begin or sustain outreach to their community. They can guide in relation to village surveys, church reviews and provide ideas for evangelism in your area.
  • They may be able to help with personnel to lead occasional Sunday services; organise or lead seminar/​workshops on rural evangelism.
  • It is possible to lead or help at weeks of mission or special outreach activities for all ages or a target group.
  • In some circumstances they may be able to provide personnel for a longer term, say, for two or three years. or longer if things work out well.
  • And even if they do not know the answer to your query, they may know someone who does and can find out information for you, or pass you onto someone who can help.