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The roots of good leadership

Politics/The roots of good leadership

Are the right people responding to the Conservative Party leadership call? asks Danny Webster

Heading to the hills?

Politics/Heading to the hills?

Sometimes silence amid the political storm is what's really required

A tale of two REs

Politics/A tale of two REs

Do two new mandatory school subjects risk hindering educational diversity in England?

Far above politics

Politics/Far above politics

Let’s be caught up in our Christian identity not identity politics, says Danny Webster

Two steps forward, one step back? Asylum and religious freedom

Politics/Two steps forward, one step back? Asylum and religious freedom

Our public policy researcher, John Coleby, looks at Christian asylum and the Home Office

Public policy Wales update: March 2019

Politics/Public policy Wales update: March 2019

A Christian reaction to the death of Paul Flynn

in Politics
Mar 11
Stand up for freedom

Politics/Stand up for freedom

Could you respond to the Scottish government's consultation on hate crime?

Bigots no more

Politics/Bigots no more

Commitments given on One Scotland poster after Evangelical Alliance intervention

Government’s anti-persecution inquiry launched

Politics/Government’s anti-persecution inquiry launched

UK government to review how it supports persecuted Christians around the world

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