The Scottish National Party (SNP) is a centrist party founded on the aim of delivering an independent Scotland. They are currently the largest party in Scotland in terms of their membership, MSPs in the Scottish Parliament and Scottish MPs in Westminster. They have formed the three devolved governments of Scotland since 2007. In the 2011 Scottish parliamentary election, the SNP formed Holyrood’s first majority government and secured their aim of an independence referendum.

The SNP are led by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who has been leading the party since her predecessor resigned after the 2014 independence referendum. She is standing in the constituency of Glasgow Southside.



The SNP suggest that independence is an essential priority for Scotland’s recovery. Additionally, they have committed to creating a £25m fund to help drive tourism recovery and, over the next parliament, invest an additional £500m to support new jobs and reskill people for the jobs of the future.


The SNP have made a number of environmental pledges as part of their election campaign, including: 

  • a net-zero emissions target by 2045;
  • an aim to plant 30 million trees annually in Scotland by 2025;
  • a promise to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032; and
  • generating the equivalent of 50 per cent of Scotland’s heat, transport and electricity through renewable sources by 2030.


The current SNP Scottish Government introduced the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill, seeking to balance the protections against hate speech whilst safeguarding freedom of speech. We have engaged with the Scottish Government over the process of this Act, and you can find out more about this topic and our position in our article here.


Information on the SNP’s plans and position around addiction and other drug-related policies will be added as new information is released.


As part of their aim to tackle poverty in Scotland, the SNP have committed to:

  • The delivery of a minimum income guarantee, ensuring everyone has enough money to live on;
  • doubling the Scottish Child Payment;
  • a new four-year delivery plan to lift children out of poverty;
  • free school breakfast and lunches for all primary school pupils all year; and
  • a guaranteed university, college, apprenticeship, training place or job for every young person.


On issues of justice, the SNP aim to establish a £100m funding scheme focusing on preventing violence against women and girls. They have also committed to a review of Scotland’s prosecution system.

2021 Scottish Parliament online hustings

2021 Scottish Parliament online hustings

Join us on Thursday, 22 April at 5:30pm and hear from five candidates in the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections