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Creation Care: A challenge to the church

A short prompt to ask the question- are we living well in this land?

Father's Day: Why I choose to trust Abba Father today

Recently, Father’s Day took on a new but painful meaning for me. It is no longer only a time to lament on how much less choice my children have to celebrate me in comparison to their mum on Mother’s Day (#JustSaying), but it has now become one where I am almost forced to accept the truth that my…

15 June 2023
Joel Edwards Jnr

Reading beyond our echo chamber: Times article

As mentioned in this week's episode of Cross Section, this article written by Polly Vernon for The Times gives insight into Carla Foster's case from a pro-choice perspective. A good challenge for Christians not to assume what their friends believe, and to think how we could join in with the…

Premier News interview with Dawn McAvoy from Both Lives Matter

Dawn McAvoy calls for healthcare overhaul as mother jailed over abortion

Spotlight: our unity team

It’s been a lively time for our recently formed team, having just returned from having undertaken tours of north and southwest England. With growing representation across regions, our team travelled more than 1,300 miles (ranging from Lancaster to Truro), gathering more than 400 leaders together…

28 June 2023
Emily Hooper

Heart behind the art: an interview with Sam Suriakumar

Growing up, Sam had a longstanding “deep and trusting relationship with God”, but over time he grew to realise the extent of God’s faithfulness. A child of immigrant parents from Sri Lanka, Sam was encouraged in his twin passions of South Asian and Western music. His mum and dad supported him to…

28 June 2023
Helen Locke

Running the race together

Welcome to the community of sport… a mission field consisting of more than 160,000 clubs, totalling 30 million men, women and children. The church cannot ignore a community of this size and significance. In the United Kingdom, we are getting to grips with conversations around mental health and…

28 June 2023
Warren Evans


When Marion and her husband were blessed with a gift in her dad’s will, she knew she wanted to do something amazing with it. And when the war in Ukraine broke out, it seemed like a “no brainer” to use it to provide hospitality to those coming to the UK as refugees. Brought up in a Christian family…

28 June 2023
Nicola Morrison

Creating a safe space where young people can flourish

Each week, we have more than 100 young people connect with our youth groups. We offer a range of activities, from residential trips away to first aid training, from sports to baking classes. Our heart is to build deep trust-filled relationships with young people so that God’s kingdom is made…

28 June 2023
Mark Hand

Be the salt of the earth

When Saltbox was set up as a Christian charity 40 years ago, its founding vision was to provide Christian support and encouragement for local churches in order to help them grow and develop. However, during a seven-year city-wide prayer campaign based on 2 Chronicles 7:14, I felt that God was…

28 June 2023
Lloyd Cook

Windrush legacy: Honouring the lives of pioneers

Windrush represents a connection to my Bajan (Barbadian) heritage, carrying with it the courage and resilience of my grandparents as they came to Britain, seeking new opportunities to help rebuild a nation after war and provide for their own families. It is important to note that the migration…

20 June 2023
Shantelle Richardson

IDOP Online 2022

This year, the suffering of persecuted Christians around the world has reached the attention of mainstream media and the government. In June, the church attacks in Nigeria were covered by several news outlets and in July the UK government hosted its first intergovernmental ministerial on freedom of…

A prayer for the Windrush 75th anniversary

Join us in a prayer to mark the 75th anniversary and give thanks to God for the lasting legacy of the Windrush generation

Kingdom-building at home and at work: a prayer for June

Join us in prayer that we would build Jesus' kingdom in every walk of life, in our homes and in our workplaces, with strength to meet every challenge

Open letter to the NI Secretary of State, from the Coalition of Christian Voices Against Poverty NI

Dear Secretary of State, 21 June 2023 Open letter of concern We write to express our deepening concerns about the proposed budget cuts following the 2023/4 budget announcements. As a united voice from Christian organisations, our faith motivates us to care for our neighbour and especially the most…