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Being Human S4 E05 - Christopher Watkin

The Bible is a fuller and richer story than we might tend to think. Within it, all other stories find their place. But is it possible to truly make sense of the world with a biblical perspective? Introducing professor and author of Biblical Critical Theory, Chris Watkin. As a scholar in the…

RSE response event at Portstewart Baptist Church

Join us for an RSE response event to equip you to respond to the changes and challenges happening in this space. Event details Where: Portstewart Baptist Church, Portstewart BT55 7PL When:Sunday 22nd October, 6.30pmNo registration required

Religious freedom in the workplace - why this should be central to human rights at work inquiry

The Joint Committee on Human Rights is currently considering the wide-ranging issue of human rights at work, and before the summer break took evidence from legal experts and workplace representatives on some of the key issues involved. The three organisations have now written to the committee…

4 September 2023
Danny Webster

Being Human S4 E06 - Rachel Gardner

To be human is to search after a home. For Rachel Gardner, this is found in community. As well as an author, speaker, and activist, Rachel is the youth resourcing lead at an intergenerational church plant in Blackburn. With a background in youth work, Rachel is passionate about young people…

Being Human S4 E07 - Damilola Makinde

As Western culture becomes more and more secular, are we increasingly ‘living in exile’ as Christians? If so, how can we better understand our identity, our home, and one another? We welcome Damilola Makinde to the Being Human podcast. Her background spans law, public policy, preaching, and worship…

Following Jesus at university

But beyond all that, what is it you’re really hoping for from your time at university? To discover God’s call on your life, grow in your relationship with Him, and go into the world ready to make a difference for Him? Or is it just to get your head down, get a degree and get out of there? For over…

14 September 2023
Jonny Potts

Faith in Kids

Faith in Kids exists to see confident parents and thriving churches working together to raise children who trust in Jesus eternally. On the website you will find a suite of resources suited to children from a young age through to late adolescent years. The Who am I? Foundation…

Focus on doing justice needs to go deeper – reflections on Scotland’s Programme for Government

In addressing Holyrood on his government’s plans, the first minister referred to his faith as a driving motivator for why he seeks social justice in Scotland: “Growing up in the Islamic faith, I was taught that one of the core beliefs of that faith is that you are not a true Muslim if you have a…

18 September 2023
Chris Ringland

*NOW CLOSED* Northern Ireland's Relationships and Sexuality Education is changing

Head of Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland, David Smyth, provides an overview of changes to RSE in Northern Ireland and how you can respond to the consultation

Poverty must be something we tackle together

Today is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. As a nation, we have a severe problem on our hands. As individuals and churches who care deeply about people, who want to see those created in God’s image living with dignity and worth, we must take action and fight poverty in all its…

17 October 2023
Lyn Weston

Halloween: ideas for sharing Jesus – and raising courageous kids

When my colleague, Amy, moved into her new home, she asked the boys playing football in the road what her new neighbours were like. They pointed at every house in the road and gave her a unique description for each resident. She was amazed by how carefully precise they were for each one. She asked,…

2 October 2023
Ed Drew

Being Human S4 E08 - Natalie Williams

Being a disciple of Jesus is not about becoming like the people around us, it’s about becoming more like Him – so why are most western churches predominantly middle class? Having grown up in relative poverty in a deprived seaside town, Natalie Williams’ life was changed when she became a Christian…

Church leaders burn out too – let’s embrace our limits as Jesus did

The truth is that among church leadership, statistics on emotional and mental burnout are concerning. During our Changing Church survey in autumn 2021, 1 in 10 of our member church leaders reported that their emotional wellbeing was poor or very poor. Mark Massey, leader of Frinton Free Church,…

20 December 2023
Helen Locke

Comfort in times of change

Torch Trust supports thousands of people in the UK and around the world who have experienced a life-altering change: the loss of sight. Every day in the UK, 250 people are told that they have irrecoverable sight loss. In a society where everything is geared around sight, this can be a traumatic and…

25 September 2023
Suzie James

Seeking transformation and revival: a prayer for October

A prayer of thanks and expectancy for Scotland, asking for a fresh sense of God's presence and for transformation across the nation