As we can’t hold our normal public leadership courses, we’re bringing together our networks across the UK for webinars and online sessions featuring some of our regular speakers and invited guests. During this exclusive session Tim Cross reflected on his experience of leadership in crisis.

At a time of crisis, leadership is vital

How do we navigate different leadership challenges? What is the difference between a wicked and a critical problem and what different responses are required? 

Major General (Retired) Tim Cross CBE commanded at every level, from leading a small Bomb Disposal Team in N Ireland in the 1970’s to commanding a Division of 30,000 in 2004/07. This included leadership during the Balkans war and planning operations in Iraq.

Every year we run Public Leader courses across the UK. Normally we’d be recruiting for courses starting this autumn, however, given the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak we can’t do that yet. Find out more about the courses, and register your interest for information as soon as it becomes available.