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Routed: Journeying into Work with God

A group study that gives students a vision for life after uni, with session videos, participant’s workbook, and leader’s guide.

Most students leave university in a flurry of exam sweat, half-packed boxes, and last hurrahs. That is, without a lot of spiritual preparation.Instead, we plunge into the working world believing a lot of myths: that God is mostly for church and quiet-time, that business means business, that we have one true calling’, and that we should have it all together. By laying out biblical mindsets and practical steps for whole-life discipleship, Routed breaks those myths down.It’s the ultimate prep for life post-uni.Routed can be led by students or student workers and includes Bible study, discussion, activities, self-reflection, real-life stories, and prayers. These are delivered in a participant’s and a digital leader’s guide, accompanied by session videos. Its four sessions are designed as regular gatherings during a single university term. Each session takes about 90 minutes.