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The Crazy Way booklet

The Crazy Way booklet is a bright, accessible & informative explanation of the Gospel, written for totally un-churched men.

Engel scale rating

Aimed at people at the early stage of their faith journey

Men are disappearing from church BUT when a man from an un-churched family turns to Christ his family often follows too. So CVM want to win as many men as possible… …you’ve got to be crazy to follow Jesus, right? Or is there more to it? Some say that the message of the Bible doesn’t apply to men these days. But what if that’s wrong? The Crazy Way booklet uncovers the myths surrounding Jesus, the Church, and where we stand in this anything-goes world. The Crazy Way booklet includes real life no-holds-barred stories from Portsmouth FC legend Linvoy Primus and ex-SAS Sergeant Major Mark Davies, the story of Jesus and the cross in real down-to-earth language, and a bunch of other stuff to get your head round.