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Gear up for a period of powerful prayer

This global wave of prayer, known as Thy Kingdom Come, was started by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in 2016, and has seen individuals and churches around the world petitioning God for the salvation of their friends, families and neighbours. Justin Welby and John Sentamu are urging you to…

19 March 2018
Naomi Osinnowo

Stephen Hawking and hope for the future

This week brought the sad news of the death of Professor Stephen Hawking. Among the many articles posted in the wake of the news was an article from the BBC outlining some of Hawking’s predictions for the future. They aren’t optimistic. Hawking’s view of the future included expecting the…

16 March 2018
Abi Jarvis

Is muscular liberalism on steroids?

‘Muscular liberalism’ is a phrase which has prompted some discussion in recent weeks. Framed as the opposite of weak and passive multiculturalism, the term rose to prominence under David Cameron, who said in a 2011 speech: “Frankly, we need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and a…

15 March 2018
John Coleby

Getting in to the rhythm of mission

We have a rhythm of life across the UK that focuses in on holidays, events, the seasons. We're always gearing up to the next thing – right now we're all ready for Easter, and for the coming of spring! Believe it or not, our ability to share Jesus isn't dependent on the calendar. We're not better at…

22 March 2018
Eve Paterson

The spy who went to Salisbury

Danny Webster is advocacy and media manager at the Evangelical Alliance. It's like something from a John Le Carre novel. Sergei Skripal was a Russian spy who moved to Salisbury in 2010 after a spy exchange in Vienna when he and three other Russians in jail for spying were exchanged for 10 sleeper…

9 March 2018

Race and the UK church: a personal reflection

The issue of race and racism has been a hot topic over the last few weeks, with the twittersphere abuzz with comment and reflections following the violent scenes in Charlottesville, Virginia, on 12 August, and President Trump's subsequent comments [i]. As I've reflected on the scenes over the…

17 August 2017
Steve Clifford

The Public Leader programme

This 10-month leadership development journey equips and encourages young professionals and emerging leaders like you to intentionally and strategically take the lead so that you can make a difference wherever you are. We understand that the past few years have shaken our society to its core, and we…

What our members offer

There are hundreds of member organisations of the Evangelical Alliance that are working relentlessly to equip and inspire individual Christians and Christian communities as they share their love for Jesus across the UK. Explore the different ways these organisations are serving God and His church,…


Explore some of the ways that our member organisations can help you share Jesus with your friends, relatives and communities.

What kind of society?

This is the Evangelical Alliance’s vision for the kind of society we want the UK to become. We believe that the Christian faith has provided the foundations for flourishing in the past and we are confident and hopeful that it can for the future. As evangelicals we are committed to engaging in…


idea is the Evangelical Alliance's quarterly magazine which keeps members up to date with what evangelical Christians around the UK are doing to make Jesus known and provides a platform for us to share solutions to some of the challenges we face. Underpinned by theological reflections written by…

Freedom in action

Betel UK is a Christian charity helping men and women trapped in addiction. Betel's mission is to bring longterm freedom and restoration to lives broken by drug and alcohol abuse. They accomplish this by building values, skills and character through living, working and worshipping together in a…

The Evangelical Alliance asks, What kind of society?

The Evangelical Alliance's new resource What kind of society? calls on Christians to provide a new vision and hope for our society. The Alliance wants Christians to speak and work for a society which is built on four principles: love, freedom, justice and truth. What kind of society? explores the…

Course: Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes

The eight-week course is based on the second edition of the Evangelical Alliance-produced booklet, Jesus through Asian eyes, and is published by The Good Book Company. It also has a dedicated website ( The course is the first of its kind exploring key questions that…

We need to intercede

This tragic news came a couple of days after we joined in fellowship to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. But, the reality is, that deaths and life-threatening injuries of this nature are a regular occurrence in the capital. Two days after the shootings, a teenage boy was stabbed…

10 April 2018
Naomi Osinnowo