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Meet the team

The Evangelical Alliance has a dedicated team of staff, board and council members who work in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London, serving the church locally and nationally in order to help Christians and churches make Jesus known in society.

Politics/The roots of good leadership

With nominations closing on Monday, 10 June, 11 candidates have already announced that they will definitely run and at least half a dozen are thought to be considering entering the contest. It is likely the field will thin out by the time of the first votes of the parliamentary party in mid-June,…

30 May 2019
Danny Webster

Society/Speaking about the value of life in a confused society

It would seem as though we are not as comfortable with the continued normalisation of ending life before birth as is often portrayed. More than 100,000 people have signed a petition to protest a court’s judgment to end a pregnancy through force of law. Fortunately, the Court of Appeal has…

27 June 2019
Danny Webster

Church/Crazy golf and the redemption of all things

Rochester Cathedral has attracted both criticism and praise for its decision to install a crazy golf course in its nave. An act of desecration declared one columnist, who also highlighted the helter-skelter at Norwich Cathedral. Journalists ran amok with pun-filled headlines “fairway to heaven”,…

1 August 2019
Danny Webster

Politics/Far above politics

I’ve worked in parliament and politics for long enough to know that we should believe political pundits and experts when they declare that they have no idea what is coming next. Gone are the days of confident predictions and clear trajectories of political movement; we live in an environment with…

29 April 2019
Danny Webster

Global/Sri Lanka attacks: grief-stricken but hope-filled

Because we needed rest, we opted for a more leisurely pace, with an extended beach stay, rather than the typical tourist itineraries. Due to seasonal monsoon cycles, we went to the east coast, just north of Batticaloa, where one of eight explosions in Sri Lanka targeted Christians as they attended…

25 April 2019
Danny Webster

Church/Intergenerational church: let’s show the world how it’s done

Danny Webster is advocacy and media manager at the Evangelical Alliance.This week the Intergenerational Commission published its full report into fairness between different generations. Most publicised was the organisation's proposal to grant every 25-year-old a 'citizen's inheritance' of £10,000,…

18 May 2018
Danny Webster

Changes to gender recognition in Scotland challenged by the Evangelical Alliance

The Evangelical Alliance has called on the Scottish government to provide greater clarity in their planned reform of the Gender Recognition Act. The changes announced reduce the period someone has to have lived in their new gender from the current two years, to six months, with three of those as a…

20 June 2019

Deputy First Minister reaffirms importance of “valuable contribution” of churches across Scotland

John Swinney MSP will address delegates at Scotland’s National Youth and Children’s work conference in Aviemore, to highlight the value of constructive partnership between the Scottish Government and Christian communities The 350 delegates attending the Deep Impact conference in Aviemore will…

18 January 2019

Politics/Government’s anti-persecution inquiry launched

At yesterday’s launch event at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Hunt said: “We wanted to do this not just because freedom of worship is a fundamental human right, but also because freedom of worship is the invisible line between open societies and closed societies. “Where freedom of worship is…

31 January 2019
Danny Webster

Society/Secular Lent: an ancient tradition in a modern world

That’s how Guardian columnist Dawn Foster wrote about Lent this week. During Lent Christians have traditionally given up food in forms of fasting, and this has expanded in recent years to the foregoing of many other things. It is also notable how popular this once obscure Christian discipline has…

7 March 2019
Danny Webster

Steve Clifford to step down as general director of the Evangelical Alliance after ten years’ service

The Evangelical Alliance has announced that Steve Clifford, its general director, will step down from his role at the end of 2019. Steve has been at the helm of the Evangelical Alliance since April 2009 and over the past decade he has helped the church have confidence in the power of the gospel…

12 April 2019

Church/Steve Clifford to step down as general director

Steve has been at the helm of the Evangelical Alliance since April 2009 and over the past decade he has helped the church have confidence in the power of the gospel and develop a clear voice in public life. But, perhaps above all, the Bradford-born Christian leader has brought together the diverse…

12 April 2019
Danny Webster

Leader of bombed evangelical church in Sri Lanka offers forgiveness to attackers

The leader of the evangelical church bombed in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday has spoken out, offering forgiveness to the attackers, and thanks to all who have offered prayer and support. Pastor Roshan Mahesen also spoke of his commitment to continue the church’s mission. Speaking in…

26 April 2019

Government proposals set to resurrect state-backed register of church activities, says Evangelical Alliance

The Evangelical Alliance, a UK wide Christian group, are calling for the government to abandon proposals to regulate out-of-school settings across England. The government is currently consulting on proposals around home education and out-of-school education settings, which are marred by ambiguity…

22 May 2019