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Meet the team

Meet the team

The Evangelical Alliance has a dedicated team of staff, board and council members who work in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London, serving the church locally and nationally in order to help Christians and churches make Jesus known in society.

The roots of good leadership

Politics/The roots of good leadership

With nominations closing on Monday, 10 June, 11 candidates have already announced that they will definitely run and at least half a dozen are thought to be considering entering the contest. It is likely the field will thin out by the time of the first votes of the parliamentary party in mid-June,…

30 May 2019
Danny Webster

Far above politics

Politics/Far above politics

I’ve worked in parliament and politics for long enough to know that we should believe political pundits and experts when they declare that they have no idea what is coming next. Gone are the days of confident predictions and clear trajectories of political movement; we live in an environment with…

29 April 2019
Danny Webster

Crazy golf and the redemption of all things

Church/Crazy golf and the redemption of all things

Rochester Cathedral has attracted both criticism and praise for its decision to install a crazy golf course in its nave. An act of desecration declared one columnist, who also highlighted the helter-skelter at Norwich Cathedral. Journalists ran amok with pun-filled headlines “fairway to heaven”,…

1 August 2019
Danny Webster

Speaking about the value of life in a confused society

Society/Speaking about the value of life in a confused society

It would seem as though we are not as comfortable with the continued normalisation of ending life before birth as is often portrayed. More than 100,000 people have signed a petition to protest a court’s judgment to end a pregnancy through force of law. Fortunately, the Court of Appeal has…

27 June 2019
Danny Webster

Labour, Rabbi Mirvis and fearlessly speaking out

Politics/Labour, Rabbi Mirvis and fearlessly speaking out

For many watching the interview, having heard the critique of anti-Semitism by a wide range of Jewish groups, it might be hard to understand why Mr Corbyn did not apologise. Instead, he insisted on his own virtue in standing against racism and his willingness to talk to Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis to…

28 November 2019
Danny Webster

Our ever-present hope

Politics/Our ever-present hope

In challenging and uncomfortable times, this should bring comfort because we know that God is not fazed by the circumstances we are facing. We can look to history and remember that the church has navigated far more turbulent times in past. We can look to the church across the world which…

1 November 2019
Danny Webster

Sri Lanka attacks: grief-stricken but hope-filled

Global/Sri Lanka attacks: grief-stricken but hope-filled

Because we needed rest, we opted for a more leisurely pace, with an extended beach stay, rather than the typical tourist itineraries. Due to seasonal monsoon cycles, we went to the east coast, just north of Batticaloa, where one of eight explosions in Sri Lanka targeted Christians as they attended…

25 April 2019
Danny Webster

Coronavirus: a Christ-centred response

Society/Coronavirus: a Christ-centred response

Across the UK 85 cases had been confirmed as of Wednesday, 4 March. This is a relatively small number compared to the 80,000 so far confirmed in China and the further 10,000 in other countries around the world. It will probably never be known how accurate these figures are, with the BBC reporting…

5 March 2020
Danny Webster

Intergenerational church: let’s show the world how it’s done

Church/Intergenerational church: let’s show the world how it’s done

Danny Webster is advocacy and media manager at the Evangelical Alliance.This week the Intergenerational Commission published its full report into fairness between different generations. Most publicised was the organisation's proposal to grant every 25-year-old a 'citizen's inheritance' of £10,000,…

18 May 2018
Danny Webster

Parliament's Super Saturday: time to pray and offer hope

Politics/Parliament's Super Saturday: time to pray and offer hope

To use two of the metaphors he has appropriated to describe the final stages of the negotiations with the European Union, the Prime Minister has hailed it as an “excellent deal” but now faces another mountain to climb to get Parliament’s approval for the agreement. The DUP, the Conservative Party’s…

18 October 2019
Danny Webster

Heroes and hoarders

Society/Heroes and hoarders

The country may not literally be on fire, but it's the imagery of the person running into the flames rather than away from the risk that we are buoyed by, that we admire, that is lauded so strongly on social media and the news. One of the challenges of this specific crisis is how inactive and…

19 March 2020
Danny Webster

Book review: Reappearing Church

Church/Book review: Reappearing Church

A church leader from Melbourne in Australia, he has wrestled for many years through finding ways for the church to thrive in the post-Christian culture endemic in the places he lives, works and travels. From pioneering formats of church to reach those disillusioned with traditional church to…

2 January 2020
Danny Webster

New decade, renewed conviction

Society/New decade, renewed conviction

Radio call ins reflected on all that had happened and all that had changed. You may have seen the clip from Tomorrow’s World in 1989 speculating on what the home of 2020 would be like. Some aspects were remarkably prescient, the suggestion that you would be able to walk into a room and say what…

2 January 2020
Danny Webster

Peter Lynas becomes Evangelical Alliance UK director

Peter Lynas becomes Evangelical Alliance UK director

The Evangelical Alliance has appointed Peter Lynas as its UK director. In this role he will work alongside new CEO Gavin Calver, championing the voice of evangelicals to the media and across the four nations, while bringing leadership to the core areas of advocacy, mission and unity within the…

18 December 2019

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