Do you #RememberWhen God did something special in your life?

Sharing Jesus with our friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours needn’t be a daunting task. We don’t all have to memorise apologetics arguments or learn Bible passages in the original Greek. But we can all remember and tell of moments when God has been at work in our lives.

#RememberWhen includes a sermon series and small group resources which explore how we can all be a witness for Jesus by reflecting on our journey of faith and drawing out those moments when God was faithful.

Whether it was a prayer answered last week, a friend healed last month, or a time when God brought His peace in hardship, #RememberWhen is here to help you share those moments with others as we are reminded of just how faithful God has been. It gives us energy to press forward in our witness, but also allows us to remember the path we’ve walked with Him so far.

Great Commission is helping Christians #RememberWhen in 2021.

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