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Magnificently mundane

Discipleship/Magnificently mundane

Let's not overlook the presence of God in the mundane aspects of everyday life, says Richard Powney

A time to rest

Discipleship/A time to rest

How can we disrupt the busyness and invest in Sabbath rest? asks Bethany Macleod

But it's not fair

Discipleship/But it's not fair

Life can be unfair – people, too – but what would Jesus do? asks Ali Davis

Take a godly look at the brain

Discipleship/Take a godly look at the brain

Is religious experience just brain activity? asks neuroscientist Sharon Dirckx

This little light of mine

Discipleship/This little light of mine

Let’s enable the light of Jesus to shine through us whatever the weather

A diplomatic incident

Discipleship/A diplomatic incident

What can we learn about being God's ambassadors from this week's resignation of Sir Kim Darroch?

Generous freedom

Discipleship/Generous freedom

El Elyon has made a life of fearless generosity possible

Creation care: being good stewards of God’s gift

Discipleship/Creation care: being good stewards of God’s gift

How can Christians join the fight for our planet? asks Sarah Paul

A right royal birth

Discipleship/A right royal birth

Can we see the parallels between baby Archie’s birth and our rebirth? asks David Smyth

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