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The Christian behind the movie

Discipleship/The Christian behind the movie

One of the most influential US public leaders you’ve never heard of

Being Human

Discipleship/Being Human

We have the best story to share about what it means to be human

Scottish Public Leader: Year 4, weekend 1

Discipleship/Scottish Public Leader: Year 4, weekend 1

My take on the first weekend of this year's Public Leadership course in Scotland

A light on our paths

Discipleship/A light on our paths

Remember, God lights our path each step of the way, revealing what we need to see

General Election: Get ready, get set, and then go

Discipleship/General Election: Get ready, get set, and then go

How can we prepare for the General Election and the other upcoming major events?

Book review: Home – The quest to belong

Discipleship/Book review: Home – The quest to belong

The struggle to find a sense of belonging in our rootless contemporary world

Winning the prize

Discipleship/Winning the prize

What things do we need to do as we run our Christian race? asks Ayoola Bandele

Fear silence, not doubt

Discipleship/Fear silence, not doubt

There is power and freedom in asking questions and bringing our doubts into the open



Trugaredd ac nid haeddiant oedd ar feddwl Crist wrth Iddo farw ar y groes

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