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A bond of common humanity

Unity/A bond of common humanity

As we continue to work towards greater ethnic diversity and integration in the church and wider society, what might we keep in mind?

Living in liminal leadership

Unity/Living in liminal leadership

How to lead in the in-between of changing contexts

Fred DrummondFred Drummond in Unity
Jul 13
The transformative power of imagination

Unity/The transformative power of imagination

Reimagining creative possibilities with God's guidance

God, the heart of our unity and mission

Unity/God, the heart of our unity and mission

To God be the glory as He works through His church in the UK amid the pandemic

Sarah PaulSarah Paul in Unity
Jul 8
Coronavirus: Being together, apart

Unity/Coronavirus: Being together, apart

How can we encourage Christian unity whilst staying apart?

Kevin Ellis in Unity
Mar 24
T'is the season to be...

Unity/T'is the season to be...

Christine Uhlig explores how the Christmas story brings hope for the lonely

We run our race, but not alone

Unity/We run our race, but not alone

Let us run this Christian race together, cheering each other on along the way, says David Stainer

David StainerDavid Stainer in Unity
Oct 17

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