What does it mean to be human? Could this be the most obvious, but also the most contested question in our culture?

Join Jo Frost and Peter Lynas for our new podcast Being Human.

We will be looking at the themes behind the news, taking the long view and trying to understand what is driving some of the big stories. All this from the perspective of what it is to be human in the world around us.

Being Human will explore what it means for us to be made in the image of God, and how we can live into our full humanity in this particular cultural context. How are the stories around us, shaping us, and how can the bigger story of God shape our discipleship. 

This season we are looking specifically at freedom. Each episode we look at some of the big stories unfolding around us and how they affect what we understand as freedom. We will be chatting about whether the freedom our society offers us and the freedom declared in the gospel are the same thing. What difference does it make to follow Jesus as we navigate some of these competing stories. 

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