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Public Leadership

As a young Christian leader in today's world, you may feel overwhelmed by the immense challenges and pressures facing society. From the pandemic to the climate crisis, contested politics and cancel culture, mental health challenges, rising poverty, to the struggle to balance work and personal life,…

One People Commission

It is the gathering together of God's one church in all its vibrant expressions, modelling the unity of God's people. Find out more about the OPC and how you can help work for the unity of the church in the UK.

South Asian Forum

The South Asian Forum, set up in 2010, exists for two main purposes: To connect and support the UK’s growing South Asian church, to enhance its impact within the wider church. To equip the church to confidently engage with South Asians of different faiths and cultures. We look to do this through a…

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How we work

We are a extensively relational organisation, committed to building relationships with individuals, churches, and organisations from across the evangelical community. We listen to our community far more than we speak. So it is highly important to connect and gather with a full range of voices to…

Theology Advisory Group

The Theology Advisory Group (TAG) is a non-executive advisory body to the Evangelical Alliance which meets twice a year. It is made up of a range of experts in the fields of theology and public policy, and connects the work of the Evangelical Alliance with academic theological contexts and debates.…

Who's on TAG

Chair of TAG: Rev Dr David Hilborn David is principal of Moorlands College in Dorset. Prior to taking up this role, he was principal of St John’s College Nottingham from 2012-2018, and principal of the North Thames Ministerial Training Course and assistant dean of St Mellitus College from…

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You can renew your church's membership of the Evangelical Alliance quickly and easily through our website

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You can renew your organisation's membership of the Evangelical Alliance quickly and easily through our website

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Meet Sheila Jones

Tell us a little about yourself. I worked with the Evangelical Alliance as associate director (head of HR) for around 15 years and started the HR department from scratch. I mentored and coached three HR officers during that time and together we took responsibility for all the recruitment,…

Public policy

We believe that the gospel is the foundation upon which society can flourish and our public policy team works hard to represent Christians and churches in the corridors of power in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Politics affects all of our lives, whether this is through taxes paid,…

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