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Songs for the children

Mission/Songs for the children

Catherine Burt, assistant director of Girls’ Brigade Ministries, shares the importance of music in children's ministry

Advancing together

Mission/Advancing together

It’s time to invest in evangelists and send them out into the world, says Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf

Found in Jesus

Mission/Found in Jesus

Jesus is good news, so let’s tell people about Him, says Glyn Jones

Steve Clifford: My last 'last word'

Mission/Steve Clifford: My last 'last word'

It has been a privilege to serve the UK church, says outgoing general director, Steve Clifford

Interview: Mike Causey, Abernethy Trust's new CEO

Mission/Interview: Mike Causey, Abernethy Trust's new CEO

I pray to see new ways to serve in the UK and send Christians into the world, says Mike Causey

Me? Creative? Nah…

Mission/Me? Creative? Nah…

How can you develop your creative flair in a bid to reach children with the gospel?

Ian JonesIan Jones in Mission
Oct 16
Myles MacBean: Disney, 'The 95' and collaboration

Mission/Myles MacBean: Disney, 'The 95' and collaboration

Our goal is to help ‘The 95’ discover a vibrant, personal faith in Jesus, says SU's Myles MacBean

Welcoming the world

Mission/Welcoming the world

The gospel opportunity that people aren’t talking about

Reaching the 10 million

Mission/Reaching the 10 million

How to take the gospel to British sports people – by Jonny Reid

Jonny ReidJonny Reid in Mission
Sep 20

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