HOPE is bringing churches together in 2018 to make Jesus known through words and action in a rhythm of mission through the year.

HOPE’s dream is a growing church, showing Jesus’ love and telling the Jesus story at the heart of every community. They are working towards 2018 and a massive year of mission in words and action to make Jesus known, together with churches across the spectrum of denominations. Here’s what 2018 could look like: 
  • Churches praying together during Lent
  • Friends and neighbours invited to church for Easter guest services. Open-air Passion Plays; hot-cross-bun give-aways; shoe-shine stalls and more
  • Summer Fun Days bringing communities together, and churches serving their neighbourhoods in practical ways during the summer.
  • Pop-up restaurants at Harvest to build friendships and stronger communities
  • Churches at the heart of community events to mark the centenary of the end of World War 1.
  • 99 days of prayer, peace and reconciliation from 4 August to 11 November 2018
  • Christmas carol singing door to door, flash-mobs choirs in shopping centres, and Christmas guest services
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