Out Of The Question Youth Apologetics

Out of the Question is a series of animations to equip young people in defending their faith using a conversational, question-based approach

It has perhaps never been harder for Christian teens and young adults to stand up for Jesus in their schools, colleges and communities. If they do stick their head above the parapet, they can receive a barrage of questions from several different directions at once! How should they respond? How can youth leaders, churches, and parents give them the tools to deal with these situations?Out of the Question is a series of animations which, rather than giving answers to remember, gives tools to equip teens and young adults to defend their faith. It’s unique because it combines humorous, animated media with a narrative form which makes them more accessible and applicable (especially for those less bookish).Animation is a great way to communicate; teens and young adults love the format and you can do things in animation which simply aren’t possible with other media. On-line and written resources accompany the series allowing youth leaders to use these resources in group discussions.