Prayerchair website

Prayerchair is a simple but powerful way of taking church to the streets, where people can experience the love of Jesus.

Engel scale rating

Aimed at people at the early stage of their faith journey

Prayerchair is quite literally just a few chairs set-up in the busyness of everyday life (usually in the street) with an A-board to let people know who we are. We offer people the chance to come and sit, to receive a blessing, to be still, and know that God is real, and experience His amazing love for them. Prayerchair is a wonderful way to reach the unchurched. It’s also a form of prophetic evangelism, where we often find that God will have a word for those we pray with. As you start praying for people God will touch them, heal them, bless them and fill them with His peace. At that point sharing Jesus becomes so much easier once they have experienced his touch. After you have prayed for people you can invite them back to your church so you can disciple them. They work with you, to provide training days, handouts, A-boards, daily devotionals, with testimonies and other materials to support the ministry including links to Alpha and other sites that can be found on the website.