The Parenting for Faith course

The Parenting for Faith Course is a free online video-based resource to equip parents and carers to raise God-connected kids and teens.

Engel scale

Aimed at people who are further along in their faith journey

The Parenting for Faith course is a video-based resource for communities to use with parents, godparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, foster parents, children’s and youth leaders, church leaders and family friends — in fact, anyone who wants to support a child or teen (of any age) in their spiritual development.The goal of the course is to help parents and carers discover that they are perfectly positioned to show their children the reality of a life with God and to empower them to have their own vibrant two-way relationship with him​.It contains 8 sessions which can be streamed online or downloaded and used by individuals or groups.There are also downloadable handbooks for participants and leaders. The Parenting for Faith website also contains lots of additional videos and posts and details of events.

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