Planting and strengthening churches in Wales.

What is Waleswide?Waleswide is a church planting and strengthening network, working in cooperation with evangelical denominations and groups. Waleswide seeks to promote and encourage the multiplication of evangelical churches across the nation of Wales and encourage existing churches into greater effectiveness in church planting and pioneering evangelism in the neediest areas.Waleswide values highly the local church as God’s primary vehicle for advancing his work on earth. We believe the presence of the local church is the most effective context for mission and the making of disciples.Why Waleswide?Wales is experiencing a church presence crisis. At present many towns, and hundreds of villages do not have a single evangelical church. In addition to this there are many Welsh speaking communities and people that have no access to church or the message of Jesus in their own language.The more churches Wales has, and the stronger they are, the greater the opportunity individuals have to hear of Jesus Christ, find faith in him and discover the life-saving grace of God. Waleswide believes that church planting and the strengthening of both Welsh and English speaking churches across the length and breadth of Wales is vital.How Waleswide works

  • Waleswide has a working group of leaders and church planting practitioners from across the evangelical spectrum. This team works together to lead and coordinate the work of Waleswide.
  • Waleswide seeks to identify key areas and priorities for church planting and strengthening.
  • Waleswide seeks to facilitate and encourage the collaboration of churches, ministries and networks in church planting and strengthening within the identified priority areas.
  • Waleswide team members actively serve leaders and their local churches by drawing alongside, training, advising, strengthening and encouraging.
  • Waleswide hosts conferences and events to inspire and equip churches within Wales towards church planting and strengthening.
  • Waleswide actively seeks to identify and develop church planters and teams into the work of church planting.
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